Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wordless Wednesday?

I see a lot of blogs out there who do "Wordless Wednesday". I thought I might try it out myself, but let's be real.... I'm not very good at being silent :X Just ask anyone who ever taught me or grew up with me (no comments from the peanut gallery, Angela, LOL!!). I HAVE gotten better about it, though. I DID decide, however, to use today as a picture post. :) I just adore my girls. I think there is something so special about sisters, I have three myself, you know. We may not always agree on everything, and we may drive each other crazy sometimes (except for me, of course, I AM practically perfect in every way, you know. Hush, Lara), but don't mess with one of us unless you want to tackle ALL four of us, LOL!!! Anyway, I thought this pic was just precious :)
I'll be back on later with pics what's been keeping me so busy this week :)


*~~*Inger*~~* said...

Of course that pic is just precious! :-)

I meant to tell you, I saw a woman in Joann yesterday that reminded me so much of you. She had two girls, but much other than M&L and the younger of the two was picking out fabric to make pajama pants. I thought to myself, "That's Juli in about 8 years." :*)

Regi S. said...

KY NEEDS A SISTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!