Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Recent projects :)

I've been a busy bee lately! I found this awesome tutorial on how to make hooded towels and decided to make some for my girls and four of my nephews.
Also, I managed two nightgowns for each lovebug, these DARLING 4th of July dresses:
post-embroidery (it was really hard to find an fireworks design I was happy with. Who'da thunk?!)
Made matching dresses for a friend's daughters (pre-embroidery):
Made special pillowcases for the girls for our beach trip:

One more dress for previously mentioned friend's younger daughter:
and a boatload of embroidery. Whew!!!!! I have two more swimsuits to monogram for the girls and I THINK I'm done...... ::::::Crossing fingers::::::
We hit Target and WalMart (our two favorite non-fabric stores, lol) this week to buy essentials for our 10+ hour drive to Gulf Shores this week. I let the girls pick out some new movies for the car. The hurricane picked an Eloise cartoon movie, it looks darling. I LOVE Eloise! Lara, stop reading here. HRH picked a (gasp!) Barbie movie. :X Now, the girls in my family are notoriously anti-Barbie. I even am, to an extent. But, to be honest, if it keeps my two little lovebugs happily ensconced in their carseats for an hour or so, I'd let them watch just about anything! HRH, of course, is over the moon. She cannot WAIT to watch this movie, LOL!!! I don't even care if Barbie is a good role model for girls nowadays. Who cares if she wouldn't be able to stand up b/c of her proportions if she was a real person. Who cares if her hair could never be achieved naturally. Aren't there all sorts of Barbies, like lawyer Barbie and teacher Barbie and Doctor Barbie? Something like that, anyway. So I'll stand right up and say it now. If my little princess wants a Barbie movie, I'm going to buy her a freaking Barbie movie. Keep all pissy comments to yourself, please. ;) On second thought, no....don't. I need comments. I LOVE comments. Not enough people leave me comments. I want to see comments NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!


A is for Angela said...

You. Are. My. Sewing. Goddess.

I'll take two of everything.....

Heather said...

Very cute stuff Julie..I wish I could sew. Have so much fun in Gulf Shores. We vacationed there in May and had a great time.

Regi S. said...

I wonder if there's a seamstress Barbie? Maybe a sweatshop Barbie?
Adorable dresses and towels Juli !

*~~*Inger*~~* said...

First off, I love all the dresses, and I am NOT going to show them to Natalie! LOL

Secondly, the Barbies of today are sooooooooo different than the Barbies we played with. All of Natalie's Barbies seem much more proportional, with smaller boobs and bigger waists. Although she has this one that is like a throwback to the Barbies I had, and I think of her as "slutty Barbie", rofl, I don't know why. A few weeks ago we were in an independent-owned toy store and they had Cake Baking Barbie. I tried to get Natalie to go for it, but she wouldn't. I may have to go back and get it for myself!

So there, I left you two comments this week!