Monday, June 23, 2008

::::polishing knuckles::::

Woo hoo! Get a load of me! I got an award!!!!!
My friend Angela gave me a "you make my day award"! How sweet is she? Her blog is SO cool and fun and I'm so not worthy of this, but I'll shamelessly take it and pretend to be worthy!! Random thoughts before I award ;)
~We spent the day out on the lake yesterday. Lake Conroe, to be precise. It's so pretty. Crowded, but pretty. Some of our friends are always out the same time as us, so the kids just love playing together and we get to have grown up conversation! Win win! As we were hanging out, I saw something weird looking floating in the water. I floated over to it in my AWESOME float (I can't find it online or I'd link you. It was $5.88 at WalMart, though) and it was a coconut! No kidding! How random is that? It was really heavy for its size, but it was floating. Very cool. I'm sure there's some super technical explanation, but my friend's 9 yr old and I decided that just thinking it was neat-o was good enough for us ;) Anyway, then you KNOW we had to try to crack it open. After 30 minutes, we did it. The coconut milk was a disappointment. Very watery looking. And yucky tasting, LOL! And OMG the little outer shell smelled SOOOOOOOOOOO bad. Ew. I think I'll be passing on the pina coladas for the near future.
~I got Prince Charming a Palm Centro. He had a Treo and wanted a smaller phone. This Centro is SO cool. I highly recommend it!
~I am sunburned, yet again. But I actually look tan underneath it! I can't believe it. I think this is the first tan I've had in probably ten years!! I am expecting some After Sun Spray in the mail today or tomorrow. I promise that you have NEVER felt anything this good after a day in the sun, lol. Added bonus? It works as a detangler for hair, too!
~My mission before we leave for the beach on Friday is to get a good picture of each of my girls from above. I saw this on Mommy's Martini and love the idea! If y'all get pics, be sure to post them!
OK, my "you make my day award" goes to my sister Lara. I SHOULDN'T give it to her, b/c she doesn't post often enough for my happiness, but I'll forgive her because I love her and she's such an amazing aunt to HRH and the Hurricane! Love you, LaLa! :::::::::smooches::::::::

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Lara said...

Awwwwwwwwwww, thanks, Juli!!! I'm honored.

One comment on the post: "Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?"

It's pretty funny in Japanese, too. :)