Wednesday, February 27, 2008

First blog!

OK, I'm going to attempt this blog thing. It should prove tricky for me, as anytime I sit down at the computer, the Hurricane can sense it and comes running, yelling "NUUUUUUUUUUURSIE, Mommy..... PEEZE?!?!?!" LOL! So you'll have to forgive any typos. Just try to remember that I might be typing one handing while nursing a squiggly, squirmy toddler.

So, I'm Juli. A small-town girl who's living in a much-larger-than-I'd-like town now, even though I'd be sad to give up my Starbucks drive-thru and all of the conveniences my town offers, my Prince Charming and I own a couple of acres in a small town near here, and hope to build our dream house there next year.

I have two absolutely breath-takingly gorgeous girls (not that I could be biased at ALL, right?). HRH is almost 4,and the Hurricane is almost 2. Yes, I'm still nursing an almost-23 month old. Big freaking deal. She's MY baby, so I'll nurse her as long as I want! Truth be told, I love the connection time (most of the time), it's good for her health, it's GREAT for MY health, and I'm too lazy to wean :X It's also nice to be able to calm her down in about 5 seconds when she's upset. I miss that perk with HRH. We're not done having kids, no matter WHAT I say in the middle of the night when The Hurricane won't sleep. And no, we're not "trying for the boy". We'll get what we get and we'll be thrilled.

Not much more time to post today, as my mother is coming in for a visit and my house looks like, well, like a HURRICANE hit it. LOL! I've got 8 hours to clean it from ceiling to floor. I'll try to get back on and post during naptime, but there are a pair of overalls calling my name from my sewing stash. I have to finish them by tomorrow.