Friday, June 6, 2008

Chalazions and other things of importance

So, we have finally diagnosed what's been plaguing HRH for the last few months. She's having recurring chalazions. They're basically like a stye, but a little different. LOL! Don't you LOVE my obvious talent for explaining things? The WONDERFUL pediatric ophthalmologist we saw with Texas Children's Hospital explained them to me this way. The oil in her body is just a little too thick for her little pores to handle, so they get a blockage and sometimes it gets a little infected, where you get some granulation, and this is what we're dealing with (current one on lower lid, healing one on upper lid) :

The picture makes it look WAY better than it was. Our course of treatment is to take 1 teaspoon of flax seed oil mixed with one teaspoon of peanut butter every day. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that! The girls LOVE it, by the way, they have been waking up asking for their "peanut butter medicine", LOL! Doesn't HRH have the PRETTIEST eyes?!?!?

Top Chef.... Antonia was ROBBED, to quote my friend Inger. WTH is WRONG with those people? Tom, Padma, GAIL!!!!! What are you thinking?!?!? Lisa is a STANK B*TCH (to quote David Dust, best recapper EVER). What is UP with her "you guys didn't even congratulate me... like you don't think I deserve to BE here anymore"?!?!?!?! I got news for ya, Lisa. AMERICA doesn't think you deserve to be there anymore. Ick. I can't believe I have to watch her in the finale. @@ And am I the only one who thinks Padma sounds snot-slinging drunk half of the time?

Hell's Kitchen... Gordo must be under immense stress this season b/c of opening his new restaurant, b/c there is NO other explanation for how incredibly sucky the people in the kitchen are! And Louross going home before MATT?!?!?!?!? Matt made Gordon physically ILL the first episode!!!!! WTH???!?!?!


A is for Angela said...

Poor baby! She's still beautiful, though!

Flo said...

I will puke and never watch Top Chef again if Lisa wins the finale. Do they even consider the fact that she's been in the bottom half like 10 out of the 15 times???

beki said...

Ouch, poor thing - that must be painful! Lily went through a spell last year where she kept getting sty after sty. That was no fun at all.

just1gal said...

((((((((HRH))))))))) I hope the peanut butter medicine works quickly for her!!

David Dust said...

Thanks for the mention!

Top Chef finale is TONIGHT!!!