Monday, March 3, 2008


Ok, the art show and auction is over.... can you hear the Hallelujah Chorus, or is that just in my head? Our school managed to raise (gross) over $41,000!! And several of my pillows went for over $200 each. I'm thrilled :) :) :).

Yesterday was the king of the castle's birthday. 36. Eek! How am I old enough to be married to a 36 year old?!?! Of course, I WILL be 33 soon. I don't feel a day over 18 most days! He is incredibly hard to buy things for, so here is my present to him, LMAO!



He was more excited by this than any material thing I could have given him, ROFLMAO! I can't help it. I'm not a "neat" person by nature. I tell him that I can either have creativity or cleanliness, and God did NOT bless me with the cleanliness. But he was thrilled and proud of the clean dining room. You should see the garage now, though :X

My mom was visiting this weekend, she just left this morning. We had a nice visit, she bought me a serger! I have shown tremendous restraint and haven't even turned it on yet, but as soon as I finish my lunch of leftover fried chicken and cheddar cheese slices, chased with a couple of cheesecake bites, I'm going to mess up the dining room again :X He'll understand, he loves me, LOL!

We went to a birthday party this weekend, for a little girl who is the Hurricane's age. She's so stinking cute! It was fun :) I've got to get cracking on my girls' parties. Less than a month away! I'm such a slacker. Mom of the year here! I'm so tempted to book a party at this neat outdoor place close to the house that has some sweet petting zoo animals running around, a zipline, toys galore, basically a few acres for the kids to just run free and be kids. HRH and the Hurricane LOVE it there. But I'm having scary flashbacks to last year, when I planned an outdoor party and it freaking SLEETED!!!! ACK! I need to just bite the bullet and figure it out and do something.

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