Friday, March 14, 2008


Spring has! Sprung, that is. Don't you read the titles? LOL! It's 85 degrees here and sunny and all around one of the most beautiful days we've had so far!!!! I can't WAIT for the bluebonnets, but I'll bide my time with these lovelies:

and my long-forgotten parsley from last summer has gone haywire!

These are my favorite flowers to see. Some call them weeds, but I call them the sweetest bouquet ever :)
We've even bought swimsuits!!! I have a sickness, I tell you :X But how stinking CUTE is this?

And finally..... this is how long I have to wait to eat the yummiest bread! WHO bread, courtesy of SouleMama. SO yummy!!!! My house smells amazing, lol!

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A is for Angela said...

I love those monogramming machines! and I loved your post about your frustrating day with the Hurricane yesterday. I'm so glad to see that you actually get frustrated sometimes.

I do ALL the time.