Sunday, March 9, 2008

Simple Pleasures

As a parent, we're bombarded with commercials for things our kids evidently MUST posess to be a happy, intelligent, well-rounded child with good self-esteem. From video games to pretend play to light-flashing, noise-making doohickeymabobs, who can keep up with the latest and greatest? When, to be real and honest, all they need is a book of clearance stickers from JoAnns and a willing and able aunt.
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Evidently, HRH thinks I'm super :)
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Rick said...

Funny pics - looks like fun - cheap fun too.

A is for Angela said...

I love it when my little sis comes to visit, too!!

Lara said...

Those babies can put stickers all over me any time. They are the cutest things in the whole world!