Sunday, March 30, 2008

Signs my life is back to normal :)

This is amusing rather than irritating, LMAO! Hurricane Lu got ahold of a blue stamp. Which was fine when she was stamping a sheet of paper and saying "Eenie meenie miney moe", lol. Not so fine when she decided it looked like haute cuisine!

What I love is that she's so dang proud of herself, LMAO!!!!!!!!!! She said "mommy, look! I blue!"

I taught HRH to do the "superstar" pose a la Mary Katherine Gallagher. She added the "L"s herself. We're so proud :*)

The girls and I planted tomatoes today. Two little plants. I think that's all we'll try to start this year! I'm stinky as can be, after lugging around 40 pound bags of topsoil, but they're all clean and jammied and smelling of Face of the Wave's Buttermilk Baby lotion. mmmmmmmmmm........ LOVE it. I'll get a bubble bath after they go to bed. Right now, I'm listening to HRH watch Ella Enchanted. The Hurricane is asleep (hallelujah, praise the Lord, and amen!), and I'm blogging with a lovely glass of Argentinian Malbec :) Life is good! Now if only Prince Charming was on the same continent as me..................

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