Saturday, March 29, 2008

Meanest Mommy in the world.

Alright, alright, I know I'm slacking in the blog department this week. I'm sorry. Let's call it an Easter Chocolate hangover, ok? To be honest, I'm having trouble thinking of stuff to write about, and I had a rough week.

I'm not quite sure what it was, but I was a crappy mommy this week. I just was cranky and short-tempered, and not to toot my own horn, but I usually am SUPREMELY patient and understanding with my girls. I try to find the fun and joy and "happies" in just about anything I can. This week? Not so much. It felt like life just left a big flaming pile of dog poo on my door and rang the bell. And it wasn't really any one thing in particular, either. That's what's so weird. The girls were a bit whiny and grumpy, but that's to be expected when they get back to our boring old house after a week of fun and cousins at GaGa's house (pics on their blog... link to the left). Anyway, Wednesday, I was informed by none other than HRH than I was mean and she wasn't sure she liked me very much and (my personal favorite.... said with hand on hip and shaking head at me) I'm not being understanding of her. I believe that this was said after she and the Hurricane got in trouble for relocating around 7 or 8 gallons of bathwater to the bathroom floor while I was running to get a clean towel from the dryer. On an ordinary average day, I might have found this irritating, but tried to come up with a positive, along the lines of "oh, thanks! I needed to mop the floor anyway and now I'm half-way done" or something insanely cheesy and Mary Poppins-y like that. This particular night, however, I'm almost 98% sure that steam was coming out of my ears as I walked into the office and informed Prince Charming that HIS children were about to drive me out of my mind and Mommy needed some ME time, and oh, by the way, would he be a dear and mop the bathroom floor? :X Lord love that man of mine, he swept the girls out of the errant bathwater's way, wrapped them up like tamales in their favorite towels, got them lotioned and jammied, while telling me to go check my email and he'd do the floor later. :::::Sighs dreamily::::: Is it any wonder I snatched him up as soon as I could, LOL? After the girls fell asleep (post- "sorry for making waves on the floor, Mommy"), I got to have a nice hot bubble bath with a glass of wine and a little bowl of M&Ms, while admiring my newly clean bathroom tile. (Note to self...... pick up steaks for a nice dinner on Monday when he gets home from Berlin). I think I needed that little outburst, because the next morning, I was back to normal. I have to admit, though, Wednesday night, Hurricane Lu came DANGEROUSLY close to being our youngest child, LOL!

It was also suggested that maybe I'm having a hard time dealing with the fact that in the next two weeks, my BABY is going to turn 4!!!!! And my OTHER BABY will turn 2! How is this possible?!?!??! They're BABIES! HRH will be in Pre-K next year and I'm so depressed. She is so old and mature and big :*( I sneak into her room at night and snuggle up to her and smell her hair and can flashback to the baby I longed for all of those years. Little Lu is a riot. She's grown up all of a sudden. I always was told that second babies grow up faster, but I didn't want to believe it. Now, when she was a newborn and had colic (most miserable thing EVER), I was ready for a LITTLE time to pass, but not like this! We were walking through Target yesterday and she was talking to herself (a regular thing, she's a chatty cathy), and I all of a sudden realized that she was naming off the days of the week!!!!! What is up with THAT? Someone stop time. I mean it. Right now. I keep bugging David to, and he says it's not possible. Why the heck does he think I married someone with an Aerospace Engineering degree? And his nuclear engineering training in the Navy? Completely worthless, evidently, in helping me with this. HMPH.


A is for Angela said...

I have very few Mary Poppins-y moments and too many bad mommy moments....thanks for helpin me put things in perspective.

I'd love to get the girls together sometime. Maybe you guys could plan a trip here in the summer. Or vice versa. What a hoot that would be!


lovingzachandtaylor said...

I can relate to this, this week too! Maybe it's something in the air? LOL Glad you got your Mommy groove back though. We all need some grumpy me time here and there!