Saturday, March 15, 2008

My morning happy

I have learned to find joy in every little thing I can. In our house, we call them "happies". We have a super busy Saturday today, with a baby shower for a family friend, tons of embroidery calling my name, and a St. Patrick's Day dinner with our very Irish Uncle John. So, here is my morning happy : Hurricane Lu woke up early with me today, so we had a good hour or so to hang out and visit before the rest of the household joined us. She asked to watch "brr brr mah" (which is High School Musical, she calls it that because of the sounds that Sharpay and Ryan make when they are warming up to perform). And evidently, found the need to do some nakey dancing :)
That adorable teeny little tushy twirling around to "Bop to the Top" will make me smile all day :)

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