Friday, March 7, 2008

Genetic anomalies

Ok, I'm beginning to think I may have reason to be concerned! My girls just begged me to go back and let them help me make my bed. Granted, it takes me at least 15 minutes to do so when they help, but they're so proud of themselves when they do it! HRH helps me pull the sheet and blanket up and Hurricane Lu hands us the pillows. Now, what concerns me is that this in NO way is a trait that they inherited from me. I come from the general philosophy school of "why make the bed if you're going to get right back into it". I used to only make my beds on the days that I put clean sheets on it (probably not as often as I should, but I digress.....). However, Prince Charming really really really prefers our bed to be made, as opposed to the rumply-sheet coziness that I tried to get him used to. So, out of deep devotion to my beloved, I attempt to make the bed every day now. Which is really something, because HE'S the one who completely wrecks our sheets by being a human windmill at night. He also is a first-class pillow destroyer, too, as he balls them up and flings them around in his sleep. Anyway, my concern is this. HRH looks like her daddy, she SO acts like her daddy, I swear if I wasn't there for the delivery, I'd wonder who her mother was!!!! I'm not sure she got much from me! Hurricane Lulu, on the other hand, is quite the little mini-me. She has two speeds, asleep, and gogogogogogogogogogo.

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