Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is it just me?

Or does it seem that on the days when I desperately needed another hour (or four) of sleep, THOSE are the days that chance seems to put the most trying people in my path? Honest to goodness, I ask of the one or two people that might randomly stumble across this blog, what on EARTH would be going through someone's head to see a harried young mother (yes, I'm young..... 30's the new 20, right?) wrestling an uncooperative 23 month old into her carseat while juggling three bags of fabric and a ringing cell phone that would cause them to think "I'm going to pull up RIGHT behind her and wait for my kids/wife/husband/granny/mailman/whatEVER to come out of the restaurant right here. Never mind that the aforementioned nice lady won't be able to raise her tailgate to put in her purchases because I'm so fling-flanging close to her car. {and let me tell you, the lady obviously needed her purchases or she wouldn't have been at Hancock's (what should be a fun place to drift through and dream about what you want to make with all the pretty fabrics) with a child who has morphed into a breed of creature that in our house we call a Grumpalumpagus}. So, after standing by the end of my car with my hand on the handle of the tailgate for literally three or four minutes (which doesn't sound THAT long, but think about it, that's 180-240 seconds. Not awfully short when you're really irritated), I go back to the front seat, turn on the car so the Hurricane can watch her beloved High School Musical (yep, she's a preteen trapped in a teeny tiny body) and go BACK to stand behind my car. Finally, the doofus turns to look at me, feigns surprise (not very good at it, I might add) and rolls down the window to ask me if I need him/her to back up. Ummm...... yeah? Ladies and gentlemen, the award for the morning's most ridiculous question goes to.......... the envelope please....... oh, wow! It's meanie-tailgate-blocking person! UGH!
When I got home, it was brought to my attention that it MIGHT have been an innocent accident, but I'm not sure I buy it. And I'm not unreasonable or impatient. Nope, not me. You must have me confused with someone else.
Oh! one more, from yesterday, too. Imagine that! This one is quick, though, I promise.
I get a cell phone call yesterday afternoon. It was Texas Children's Opthalmology Specialists Scheduling calling to schedule Hurricane Lu's surgery. Huh? What? Are you sure you have the right number? They have the right name and the right child's name. Finally figured out that this was the lady who was supposed to call me in JANUARY (they promised a call that afternoon when I left the consultation) to schedule an appt for early February to clear out some scar tissue leftover from the great double stye that we dealt with back in October. @@@@@@@@@@@@ (those are my eyeballs rolling off of the screen). I kindly said "I'm sorry, but you were supposed to call in January to schedule this. We've decided against having the procedure done, but thanks for the timely follow-up call". What is WRONG with that office? The doc was amazing, LOVE him, if you ever need a pediatric opthalmologist, email me for a recommendation! But the schedulers, come ON! Get real!
However, to end my day on a lovely note, my wonderful mother-in-law brought over fried chicken for supper! Yippee skippy!

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