Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm back :)

I think that the one or two people who actually read this might have given up on me. Sorry! We were out of town for Easter. We had a nice visit with my family.
I'm back now, though. This will be short, b/c I have a mound of embroidery that I need to finish today and a patchwork twirl skirt to make, too. So, how about a quick DWTS recap? I just finished watching yesterday's elimination round, and America got it right. I feel bad for Monica Seles, but she needed to go. Penn knew he was leaving, lol. How about that Kristi Yamaguchi?!?! WOW! I'm loving watching her. Her rehearsal footage really had me thinking that she wouldn't be able to get out there and let loose, but she did! And Jason Taylor is just adorable! Mario is SO good. And Marlee Matlin just blows me away! Priscilla Presley was a big surprise, she looked SO nervous before her first performance, but she did a great job! And I just think Steve Gutenburg is precious. :) Shannon Elizabeth is really good, but she still looks like she'd be giggly, lol. She and Derek make a cuuuuuuute pair, don't they? :X Who am I missing? Adam Carolla? He's just having fun. He got better this week, but, bless his heart, he just has a touch too much of the white man syndrome. Marissa is getting better, but I imagine teaching her is like training a hyper chihuahua, lol. She's adorable, but it's probably hard to get her to focus, lol. Reminds me a bit of taking my dog Piper to obedience school. It was suggested to us that they could not do anything else and we had improved all we would, LMAO!


Christa said...

It's good to hear from you!!! Glad all is well. :) Addison had some issues with her newborn genetic screening. I am still not too sure what's wrong with it, but she needed to redo the test. It was back to the hospital for some blood work. Poor thing. They told me that most likely there was nothing wrong, but they wanted to make sure since they were technically premature.

I think I need to start a "just for me" blog too. :)

Heather said...

Hi Julie,
I found your blog thru Flo's and have loved catching up on you!!
I too really like watching DWTS. Jason and Kristy are my fav's.
Check out our blog sometime!!