Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sleep giggles

I was just getting Hurricane Lu down for a nap (literally, like 5 minutes ago), she she got the sleep giggles. I mean seriously, is there anything sweeter in life that that? A warm, baby-sweat-smelling, snuggly little bundle of love, wrapped around you like she KNOWS that you're going to put her in her crib or your bed the minute you think she's asleep just enough to not wake up but is going to give in anyway, and then she starts those soft giggles. :::::::::sighs:::::::::: I swear, I know that she is going to be the cause of 98% of my gray hairs (so far, at least, I cannot even begin to imagine what tricks God has up his sleeve for future lovebugs, LMAO!), but I could not love this child any more even if she was dipped in white chocolate and then drizzled with milk chocolate! I do, of course, realize that this is how the Almighty, in His inifite wisdom, makes one think "oh, I could SO have another baby!!!". I'm not THAT blind, lol. But I don't care. There's no such thing as too much love wafting through our little house. There's always room for more :) On the other hand, there IS this little thing we call sleep. And I would REALLY like for my youngest lovie to sleep a little better before I add another chunka into the mix. (I'd also prefer to not tandem nurse, and Lu appears to have NO intention of giving that up anytime soon. I can't even seem to nightwean her. Shhhhhhhhhhh. It'd probably help if I had her sleep in her own room all night, but let's be real here. If nursing her calms her down and gets her right back to sleep, therefore getting ME right back to sleep, and disrupting her Madgesty and the king of the castle as little as possible, who am *I to change that process? If it ain't broke, ya know? And yes, she sleeps with us. Big deal. HRH has been known to steal into our bed many nights, too. I figure they're rapidly.... waaaaaay too rapidly, approaching a time in their lives when Mom and Dad are completely uncool and all-too-eyeroll-worthy, so I'm going to soak up the snuggles now to make up for the drought later! Is this the longest paragraphed aside you've read lately? Sorry :X)

I'm making the COOLEST thing now. I'm gathering up things to make a quilt to give HRH someday. It's a surprise, so shhhh.... don't tell her! I have some of her artwork that I've scanned and printed onto photo fabric (the coolest stuff EVER!), and yesterday, I had her write her name on a piece of muslin. She's getting so good at it! She's only 3! Alright, alright, she'll be 4 soon, but don't burst my bubble. My kid is the smartest kid in the universe!! :::::ears in fingers:::: LALALALALLALAL I can't heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeearrrrrrrr you if you disagree. Anywho.... I took her to Hobby Lobby (her least favorite store, b/c I drag her and the Hurricane several times a week) and let her pick out embroidery thread that she likes, she chose a lovely pearl cotton in a variegated pinks/corals. Then I used that to embroider the name on the muslin my hand. I blatantly stole the idea from Soule Mama ( She has the coolest ideas.) Anyway, I'm going to save up little things like this and make her what I hope will be her favorite quilt ever someday. :) I'll do the same for Lulu once she gets cracking on stuff like this. Next up, I think some stick figures! She can rock a circle, too :)
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The really light pink fades a bunch (and her "g" is backwards), but trust me when I say that this IS art.

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