Sunday, March 16, 2008

Too cool for school

Today was such a beautiful day here. Sunny, mid-70s, the kind of day that makes you want to roll the windows down and open the sunroof and blast your favorite music. Which is what HRH and I did, on our way to spend the day out at our property (a couple of acres upon which we plan to build our dream house in a year or so). The Hurricane chose to ride with Daddy and Piper (our nut of a dachshund) out there, so that left me and her Madgesty. We made the 10 minute drive with the wind blowing through our hair, cool shades on, and jamming to my self-burned CD of 90s hair bands (think GNR, Queensryche, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, etc.). She informs me that her favorite song is now "the Jungle one". When I figure out that she means GNR's Welcome to the Jungle, I have to admit that my heart swelled . :) I know what you're thinking..... I'll go ahead and address it. Yep, I'm just THAT cool. And evidently HRH has inherited that gene from me :) She likes Meatloaf, too :)

And this update on Lu is just for you, Ang! She's not pretend pottying in public. Nope, she's nursing her baby dolls, stuffed animals, etc. And let's just say she's NOT a modest nurse-in-public-er. :X And she likes to draw attention to the fact of what she's doing by yelling "SShhhhhhh.... baby cry. Baby wanta nurse. YuYu nurse da baby". Sorry. No pics (yet).

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A is for Angela said...

I'm loving your throw back to the 90's head-banger music! YOU were my "Primal Scream" buddy. I still remember you throwing my little mitsubishi eclipse into "power" overdrive to that song......

Great memories!

And Lu-Lu is too cute. She and Landrie could put on some great shows for the public to see!!!