Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's Election day here in the great state of Texas. If anyone actually reads this, I hope you take the time to vote! I'll have to go after I take HRH to Mother's Day Out. Our polling place has never seen the likes of my little Hurricane before, so this should be interesting!! I also have to call about my beloved embroidery machine. It's sick :*( The arm will move right to left, but it's messed up going front to back. I'm sure it's something terribly complicated that will take hundreds and hundreds of dollars to fix, but I don't even care. I have a stack of things to embroider, both for myself and for other people, so I HAVE to get it fixed ASAP. David is working in Seattle this week, so maybe I can just get it fixed while he's gone and hand him the bill when he gets home? I'm sure that will go over SO well.... (note to self, pick up all the fixings for his favorite dinner at the store on Thursday and clean the house on Friday). At least it waited until after the Art Show and Auction to poop out! One of my friends suggested that maybe it was tired ;)

It's in the 30s outside today. The weather is positively schizophrenic here this winter. We've gone from the 80s to the 30s in one or two days all winter. It's nuts! No wonder everyone around is sick! Of course, one day of warm temp and HRH is parading around the house in her swimsuits from LAST year, which is interesting, seeing as how she has shot up to over 40 inches now and sports quite the little wedgie on all of her one-pieces. I love little onepieces on her, but they just don't fit. Last year, GaGa bought her a one-piece for Easter and by June it was too short. I had to alter it and turn it into a two-piece.

I bought new towels this weekend! What joy! What's really pitiful is that we've been using towels we got as wedding gifts. We've been married almost 12 years! I'm evidently a simple girl, who gets thrilled by such things as new towels. They're so nice and fluffy. And I'm so optimistic about having free time that I bought some to match the color I'm GOING to paint my thimble-sized bathroom this summer or this fall. They look incredibly ridiculous against my lovely circa-1965 wallpaper with butterflies and flowers, but they're going to look awesome against the green paint I have for that room! Now if only I could embroider "his" and "hers" on them. :::::::sighs wistfully::::::: Oh, my Janome 350E, I miss you already and you're not even gone yet.

I'll have to bide my time getting to know and love this little sweetie, I guess:

But you'll always be my first love. :)

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