Friday, May 30, 2008


Could someone PLEASE explain to me why, when the Hurricane insists on doing everything for herself, she's happy with this scenario?

Hurricane: Mommy, I milk. (Mommy, I want milk)
Mommy: OK, I'll get you some. (Mommy walks to the fridge and grabs the sippy cup full of milk and hands to Hurricane)
Hurricane: NO! Mommy! I RED one!
Mommy: :::sigh::: OK, her you go (puts back the blue sippy and hands her the red sippy, while coming up with explanation for resident princess in her head as to why her milk cup magically changed colors mid-day. Maybe a unicorn did it? And yes, my 4 yr old still gets milk in a sippy, as long as her sister is awake anyway, b/c if HRH gets milk in a NONsippy, then the Hurricane must have milk in a non-sippy and that just spells disaster all around the castle. HRH understands she doesn't NEED a sippy, she's doing it to help Mommy out and Mommy is properly appreciative. )
Hurricane: NO! Mommy! I DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!! YUYU DO IT! I BIG GIRL! NO WANT-A MOMMY GET-A MILK!!! (side note - do all toddlers go through this Italian-speaking phase or is it just mine? I think it's darling :) ) MOMMY MOOSH OVER!(our house's way of saying "move and push together). YUYU ALL MYSELF.

At which time she opens the fridge door, puts the red cup back on the shelf. Closes the door, and gets the red cup, taking a big drink and looking supremely satisfied with herself.

HRH: Mommy, Lulu's crazy.


Christa said...

I am ROFL. Ha! Thanks! I needed that today!!!

binx520 said...

LOL!!!!! (((((((Juli))))))))))) Tell HRH it is the first of many times she will say that for a younger sibling!

Lara said...

Two-berty! I love it. I love those Italian kids of yours. :)