Sunday, May 18, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

Not much happening in our world this morning (thank GOODNESS!!!!), so I thought I'd do a little post, revealing my favorite guilty pleasures, and challenge anyone who reads and blogs to do the same. No fibbing, no hiding things, and no shame, LMAO!!!!!!

~Perez Hilton. He's tacky, crass, and unabashedly rude. And I can't stop checking out his page. :X

~The GFY girls. ( It's a totally safe link, sounds bad, but it's fashion criticism done in a wicked funny way.

~McDonald's cheeseburgers. I don't eat them often, and they're barely a recognizable food group, but they are SO yummy to me!

~Hell's Kitchen. The contestants are idiots. I don't understand how they can work with knives and not cut their own fingers off or something of the sort, but I just LURVE Gordon Ramsay. Even when he's screaming and yelling at them, I swear I'd die if I ever saw him in real life, I'd have to make an idiot of myself in front of him and be all superfan-y.

~M&Ms. I make no secret of the fact that I have a little helping of them every single night in my bubble bath. I have been known to go to the grocery store specifically for them if we're running low. We can do without milk, eggs, cereal, bananas..... but M&Ms? Perish the thought!

~Disney shows. I admit it. I sit with my girls (who happen to be preteens stuck in toddler bodies) and watch Suite Life, Hannah Montana, and life with Derek. And I LOVE it. I love Disney movies, too. I can't wait for Camp Rock to come out. I think Nick Jonas is an absolute doll!

~Reality cooking shows. Like the aforementioned HK, they don't even have to be GOOD shows. I just love them. HK, Top Chef, The Next Food Network Star, and Iron Chef. Although, I admit that I'm not as into the American version of Iron Chef as the REAL one. There's just no comparison, and I miss the real one. It used to come on at 10:00 and I would watch at least until they unveiled the secret ingredient every night. I'd feel a little thrill when they'd have something icky like squid that they had to catch themselves in the giant aquarium. THAT's good tv, lol!!!

~Rush Limbaugh. I know, I know, I know. You either love him or you hate him. He cracks me up. And in high school, I DESPISED him. There was a guy I went to school with, Darren, who read his book and would share snippets of wisdom with me just to irritate the hell out of me, lol. I should track him down and email him to let him know I'm a fan now, lol. Case in point, (if you're not a Rush fan, or you ARE a Hillary supporter, just skip to the next one now, you'll thank me later).....

~People magazine. Complete waste of my time to read it, when I could SO be doing something a little more productive, but I just love it!

~90s hair bands. Guns & Roses, Poison, Extreme (Nuno..... :::::Sigh::::), Bon Jovi, Skid Row (I was beyond thrilled when Sebastian Bach turned up on the Gilmore Girls, lol!!!), Motley Crue, Warrant, Def Leppard. I'd still rather listen to them than the stuff coming out today. Much to the chagrin of my very music-forward sister, Lara, but she still loves me anyway.

~My little email loopie friends. I've only ever met one of these ladies in real life, but I talk to them on a constant basis. Sometimes upwards of 100 emails a day. Before you gasp, keep in mind that these are conversations akin to girlfriends chatting over coffee. So each email is one little snippet from a conversation. Sometimes it's just a "LOL!" or an "I couldn't agree more". But I love these ladies and would be lost without them. When I go on vacation and don't have access to email, I miss them. Prince Charming can't quite believe it when I get a text message from one that my email inbox is full (meaning I have 1000 emails). I think he sometimes thinks I spend too much time on the computer, but some days, this is the only adult conversation I get and therefore what keeps me sane!

Your turn!


Lara said...

Rush Limbaugh? Wow. Didn't see that one coming from the most liberal Thurman girl . . .

Juli said...

Me, liberal?!?!?! Seriously!?!?! I prefer to say "compassionate". Or the more accurate "bleeding heart" :X I can't help it! I'm wired that way. That's why Rush is a GUILTY pleasure, LMAO!

*~~*Inger*~~* said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, the loopies are a guilty pleasure!! ;-) lol

Regi S. said...

I used to be on the phone all the time precomputer days :X A phone attached to a wall, so you had to stay in one place when you communicated. Funny how these things go full circle :X

binx520 said...

Awwww! The loop is my guilty pleasure too!