Thursday, May 22, 2008


We spent yesterday evening at the lake. It was gorgeous, we took Papi and TiTi's boat over to a little island (and by little I seriously mean like as small as a football field, lol) and beached it and let the girls play in the sand. Then we motored around a bit, looking at the insanely huge houses that are going up. Evidently, Montgomery County, TX, hasn't heard about the housing bubble burst. Shhhhh....... we don't want them to, at least until we sell our current casa next year or so. After that, we motored over to Papa's. A huge hot pink and turquoise warehouse looking hangout with those big garage doors that they open so that the whole thing has an open air feel. SO much fun. We met Papi and some friends there for burgers. They have a nice pool, which is for adults only, which sucks for the lovebugs, but someone had the foresight to also build a really cool waterfall area for the kiddos to play in. My lovebugs and my friend's lovebugs were playing over there, as sweet as can be, when after about 15 minutes, HRH comes running and screaming and crying to our table, where said friend, Prince Charming, Papi and I were munching fried pickles and partaking of a nice cold Shiner Bock. I bolt out of my chair and run to her to find out that some snot-nosed punk of a 5 yr old (I'm taking liberty with the child's character, as he HAS just hurt my baby!) has blasted her in the face with sand and water via a water bazooka or whatever you call those. This is where the GRRRRRRRRRRR factor comes in. I am generally a very nice person. I love children, even bratty ones usually. However, if someone, ANYONE messes with my child and my child isn't asking for it (because let's face it, sometimes they do :X), WATCH OUT! I morphed into Mama Bear.

I imagine that, had one looked closely enough, they might have seen steam coming out of my ears and nostrils. HRH had sand in her eyes and was literally screaming because they hurt so bad, she couldn't even open them. Once I used the water from the waterfall to clean her eyes out and get her calmed down enough to put her down, I took a few deep breaths and turned my gaze upon little Punky McPunkface. I'm not sure if that's his real name, but I'm not ruling anything out. I'm ashamed to admit that I got all "Mama's shaking her finger" on him. You'd think I could be more original than that @@. Anyway, I told him, "That was NOT nice. You do NOT spray people in the face! You need to apologize to her, tell her you're sorry, do you understand me?!" In my world, that's pretty harsh talk. Imagine my pride when that lecture from me (who must have looked a LITTLE scary, this crazy storkish looking 6 foot tall lady to a 3 1/2 foot tall 5 yr old) made the little boy stop dead in his tracks, tell me "Sorry." and then have his face crumple up and he started crying and ran around to hide behind the waterfall. Oh, yeah. I'm SO proud. Good gravy, Juli. Way to go. You broke down a kindergartener. Woo hoo. Next let's go beat up a 90 yr old grandma over a parking space or something. I immediately feel like dog poop. I go find him and give him a hug and tell him that I'm sorry he got upset, but that it was not okay to throw sand in someone's face because it HURT her. He's fine, I'm fine (albeit still feeling like a heel), when we go back to play in the water, and I look up and see P. McP.'s father coming over to check on him. Eeek! Imagine if you will Andre the Giant crossed with that biker dude from Raising Arizona

Throw in a dash of Larry the Cable Guy and you get what I was seeing :X Ruh Roh. Where the heck is PAPA BEAR?!?!?!? I steel myself for a confrontation (which I HATE). McP Sr. comes up to me and says "Is everything okay here? I saw him shoot her in the face.... is she okay? He's really sensitive, so don't worry about his crying, he has to know he can't do that". :X Wow. Judge a book by the cover much, Juli? That'll learn ME. He was really nice, Punky McP DID apologize after all, so the kids started playing together again and all was right with the world. ::::Sigh:::: I love summer :)

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