Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hear that little birdie?!

The one that's following me around saying "Cheap! Cheap!" Yes, it's true, I am a notorious cheapskate. I prefer the term "thrift shopper", though, so since this is MY blog, I decree you must refer to me as that, OK? OK! Anyway, here's my thing...... I have one of those what SHOULD be super nifty Swiffer things. I love it, in theory. In reality? It takes THREE of those little swiffer wet pads to clean my kitchen and office area. Ick. What a pain, not only to have to use up three every time, but also to have to stop midway and change them out. So I decided to research a way to use something else. Preferably something non-disposable, as I do try to live a little greener than I used to. I found tutorials to knit covers (I don't knit, but my dear sister Lara does, and she's the smartest, prettiest, nicest knitter I know!! Think that will score me a cover or two? :) ), crochet covers (this I CAN do, in theory, but isn't always easy when you have HRH demanding to be taught to crochet when she sees me do it, then having to deal with the whole royal indignation "We are not amused" bit when she doesn't pick it up immediately), etc., etc., etc. SO, the thought came to me..... why can't I just use the Hurricane's old prefolds that she's grown out of, soaked in a vinegar and water solution? I also have several old flannel receiving blankets that may fall victim to my experimenting. Right now they're happily residing in the Rose Petal Cottage, so let's not tip them off, the carnage MAY be unnecessary if the prefolds work out. I'll keep you posted.

It's not 100% about the money on the Swiffer brand ones, let's call 40% for the environment, ok? 20% for the inconvenience of having to go to the store to actually get them, and the last 40% for the fact that as I fork over the $3-5 for them, my mind is saying, "this could buy me a yard of Tutti Frutti plisse that's on 50% off right now at Hancocks!!!!!!!!". Fabric.... it's a disease. An addiction. Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Juli and I'm a Fabriholic. And I have no desire to be rehabilitated..... Prince Charming, on the other hand, might like to get the stash reduced a bit, or at least not INCREASE it any more, as it now occupies a chest of drawers in the garage, half of his storage closet in the garage, and the majority of open spaces in my dining room :X

On an unrelated note, the Hurricane has fully grasped the concept that I have a name other than Mommy now. We are thrilled, as this would have come in handy during the Great KidzFest Disappearance and subsequent Taking 30 Years Off of Mommy's Life..... but her walking up to me and saying "Juli, I like-a Goldfish peese" isn't quite as endearing as the "Mommy, I weally hungwy" :*)


*~~*Inger*~~* said...

Link me to the knitting pattern mamacita, I have some cotton yarn just sitting here that would work perfectly for that! And Joann has it on sale right now too - 5 skeins for $10, or maybe it's 10 skeins for $5, LOL! I can't remember!

beki said...

I use cotton washcloths in my swiffer. Easy-peasy.