Saturday, May 17, 2008


Take me away!!!!!!!!

What a few weeks!!! I had a bad case of bronchitis (of COURSE during teacher appreciation week), then HRH was up all night throwing up and had to miss her last day of school :*(. She was crying at 3 AM, saying "I don't want to miss my last school, Mommy".... awwwwwwwwww. That was Thursday. And NOW the Hurricane is throwing up. It's not a really bad virus, they act like they feel fine, and then BLWAH...... throw up everywhere. Lovely, I tell you. And the Hurricane did it earlier and I didn't think anything of it, I thought she had gagged herself b/c she always has her hands in her mouth, and as soon as she finished, she asked for pizza. Let me just tell you now that three slices of pizza is NOT easy to catch in your hands :X Even if you are 6 feet tall and have big old German potato-picking hands like me! Especially if you're simultaneously talking on the phone to your mother and trying to convince your resident princess that she MUST rush to the kitchen and get a towel as fast as she can..... then you have to tell her that it doesn't matter WHAT color towel she gets..... no, you REALLY don't care.... nope, no preference between green or white.... yes, you're telling the truth, you just want a towel as fast as she can bring it, thank you very much.....yes, a yellow towel would be PERFECT! And could you get the phone from Mommy's ear and tell GaGa I'll call her back and press the blue button? What a good helper you are!

Thankfully, I had some Zofran on hand still from last October (doesn't expire until next September, yippee!) when the Hurricane caught a bug at Texas Children's downtown and we hadn't even opened until HRH was sick last week. So I administered Zofran (her) and a Samuel Adams Summer Ale (Mommy). And don't you know that my niece and 3 month old nephew were over today for about 30 minutes. I really don't think she touched him, but I had to make that dreaded "um, my kid's sick" call :X. And another friend came over today with her 9 month old... ACK! If you're reading this, Neile, I tried to call you!!!!!!!

SO......... I have kitchen counters!!!!!!!!!!

Look at Prince Charming working ::::sigh:::: aren't fix-it men dreamy? ;) He even installed our new cooktop, which I'm LOVING......

except now I'm convinced that I need a new wall oven. Him? Not so much.... I'm really proud of us that we did everything ourselves except for the countertops. We still have to glaze the cabinets and do the backsplash. I'm 99% sure we're going to go with a tile like this:

I just have to figure out how to do tile now! LOL!!!!!

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