Saturday, April 12, 2008


My baby is two years old now. I guess this officially means she's not really a baby anymore. How can that be? She's supposed to be a little bitty baby! She IS little bitty, she's a petite little thing, which is surprising, given her Amazonian mommy and big sister whose nickname used to be Gigantor. But she's so OLD. She's so mature. It's such a fun age for her. She's so cool to talk to. :) And talk, she does. That girl could talk the bark off of a tree. HRH talks a lot here at home, she even talks in her sleep, but the Hurricane talks to anyone, anything, anywhere, as long as she's not sleep. One of her new things, since we're working on going to sleep without nursing to sleep, is to make up her own bedtime stories. I'm a mean mommy and when she lays there asking me questions over and over again at 11:00, I'll start ignoring her, so she just starts talking to herself. She'll go over her day, then she'll start talking about who's asleep, lol. "Madge aseep, Daddy aseep, Mommy aseep, YuYu aseep..... no!" LOL! After a while of that, she'll start with her stories. "Onca time, petty pincess go sopping. Take-a baby Target. Pocorn". (Guess where WE like to go for afternoon snacks, lol!). It is SO stinking cute! Almost makes me ready to have another baby! ALMOST! I'd like another year, I think. Prince Charming would really like to wait until we have a bigger house, so I guess we'll see what happens when we try to sell our house next Spring. Of course, we had all sorts of plans when Madge was 1 or so. We were going to try to get pregnant after she turned 2, so they'd be about three years apart. Um, yeah. So much for us trying to tell God what WE had in mind, lol! HRH and the Hurricane are 2 years and 10 days apart. Best surprise ever, though :)


lovingzachandtaylor said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!!! Your night time routine sounds like mine with Taylor. It gets better I promise :) Tay still likes to talk, talk , talk to sleep though. I figure one day she'll want nothing to do with me, so I enjoy it while I can :) Oh, and thanks for your nice comments on my blog!

Regi S. said...

Happy Birthday Lucy ! You tell mommy you may be a peanut but you're large in spirit and energy !