Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sewing funk

I've been in a bit of a sewing funk lately. I go in cycles, I'll be a mad sewer for a few months, whipping out stuff right and left, then be completely uninspired. I've been in an uninspired mode for a few weeks now. I finished a patchwork twirl skirt for an auction winner, and embroidered a tank to go with it, I think it was the reason I was in a funk. I think it turned out darling, but I wasn't in love with the materials to begin with. I had envisioned something funky, bright, etc., (I want to make the girls ones with zebra print and hot pink prints with a dash of lime green thrown in), and they picked floral quilting fabrics. Beautiful fabrics, but when you have one thing set in your mind, it's hard to change over happily (for me, anyway). Still, it turned out cute, and with my new serger, It went super fast! (other than the gathering of 320 inches of the ruffle, which would surely take less time if I could figure out my ruffling foot, but I haven't fallen in love with it yet, due to it's bulkiness and noise).

And now that THAT is done, I have been inspired by this darling seersucker print that a friend gave me two yards of:
I just can't decide if I want to make twirl skirts and pair them with bright lime and hot pink or turquoise or orange or yellow tanks, or if I want to make a sundress using the tank as the bodice. It'll come to me soon enough, I guess. I have some solid turquoise seersucker, too, and as soon as I get off of my lazy tush, the lovebugs and I are heading to Hobby Lobby. We have to get thank you cards for the girls' birthday party gifts, and while I'm there, I'll see what they have to go with this.
I also want to pick up some broadcloth to make some super twirl skirts (gathered at triple fullness instead of double). I think I'm going to make some red, white, and blue ones for the fourth of July this year! Broadcloth is so cheap, and those whip out pretty quickly, and the girls simply ADORE them, so I assume we'll have them in all sorts of colors for summer :)
Any sewers out there? What are YOU working on? Got any favorite tutorial links for me?

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