Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Let's remodel!!!!!

Prince Charming and I have decided to remodel our kitchen in preparation for trying to sell our house in about a year or so. There's really nothing WRONG with it, so much as the fact that it's pretty dated. So I'll report progress here. We're very much do-it-themselvesers (translation : too cheap to pay other people what we could surely figure out ourselves..... it's a common trait among airline pilots.... I believe it comes from the rice and beans years of flight time building and flight instructing). So, on our list is: paint and do an antique glaze on the cabinets, granite counters (we're having someone else install them), tile backsplash (we're going to attempt it ourselves), new hardware for cabinets, new sink,, new faucet, new cooktop. We got new floors a year ago, and we were so surprised at the difference it made! I can't wait to see what this looks like when we're finished! It may take us a month, though, lol!


That's the only good picture I had on the computer. And of course, don't you know I only thought about doing before pics AFTER we had started taking off the cabinet doors. Yep, I'm really "with it" like that!

This morning:

ACK!!!!!!! Wish us luck!!!!!!!!!


beki said...

Good luck! If it takes you a month, you're amazing. We started our kitchen remodel back in November, and we're still not done. We still have countertops and new light fixtures to go.

Jennifer said...

Tell me exactly what you are doing to your cabinets because I am about to repaint mine. I need some ideas.