Monday, April 7, 2008

DWTS tonight

I actually have time to blog tonight about DWTS because both of my lovebugs are asleep! Can you hear the Hallelujah Chorus where you are? They made it through DWTS and conked out right after. Pre-recap info.... HRH wore a fantasically ugly homemade nightgown that I made her last year, total muumuu style, patchwork fabric and all, I adore it, lol. The Hurricane chose some Hello Kitty panties, a see-through purple tulle tutu and a hot pink satin top with a sleeping beauty applique. The style my girls have, it's astonishing, I tell you :) Of course, they both had to wear princess shoes to dance in. During the opening sequence, HRH informed me that she thinks "the pretty girl in the blue dress" is going to win. "You know, the one with the yellow hair like Collin". (Leads to a story about her obsession with my friend Samantha's son Collin, who she has met one time, almost two years ago, yet is in love with. If you ask her who her favorite boy is, she'll say Collin. She talks about when she grows up how she will be able to be a Mommy with Collin being the daddy. It's crazy, lol!) . Which leads to Lucy insisting that "dat cinnerella win!" (said while pointing at Priscilla Presley) and demanding pretty arms like "dat cinnerella". She liked the flowy sleeves, I guess. Add that to the sewing project pile.

SO..... they start with Kristy. I've been reading so much about maybe some of the competitors and professionals thinking she has an unfair advantage. I think they might be right, and it's more than a little annoying that everyone talks about her like her winning is a done deal. That irritates me. I'm such an underdog fan, too, so I have a hard time rooting for her. Who was next? Priscilla, maybe? She is freaking amazing! And oh my it totally looks like she has a thing going on with her partner, no? They've got great chemistry. You go, girl! Then Jason Taylor. I LOVE him. He looks like a huge ballerina out there, he's so graceful. Just beautiful. (these will not be in the correct order, I warn you!) Adam Carolla.... bless Julianne's heart. He's getting better, though, I guess. What was UP with the unicycle, though? He's a nut! Cristian..... oooooooooh, he's muy caliente, no? Juli likey :) Must be something about me and Latin men ;) Shannon Elizabeth, who as I mentioned before, is HRH's pick to take home the mirrored ball trophy. She did great! Poor Derek's neck. He's such a cutie! And I'm wondering what is going on with the two of them.... can you imagine how gorgeous their kids would be?!!?!?!? LOL! Mario did great! Weird, I was flipping channels today, and saw a movie that he was in, and it was about dancing. He didn't dance in it, though, at least that I saw. Step Up? Maybe? Something like that. Not a memorable movie, but I saw him, and once I figured out that it wasn't Chris Rock, I knew it was him, lol! Marlee Matlin did wonderful, once again. Her partner should win some sort of medal, he's amazing with her! And Marissa! Way to go, girl! I can't believe she could be serious for that long! I'm so proud, lol!!!!

I realize that this is boring to anyone who doesn't watch DWTS, but we love it here. And tomorrow night is Hell's Kitchen and Wednesday night is Top Chef. I'll try to blog about something non-tv related soon, though, I promise!!!!

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