Friday, April 25, 2008

Break from the kitchen :)

I'll take a break from the kitchen, we're heading out of town today until late tomorrow night, for our new baby nephew's baptism. I get to be his godmother :*) I'm not even Catholic! LOL! But I can promise that no other Godparent would love him as much as me :) Anyway, the kitchen looks basically the same, we're putting final coats on everything, I still have to paint the baseboards. And my tile looks positively disGUSTing. :X I'll be on my hands and knees scrubbing the snot out of it either today or tomorrow, depending on how long it takes me to make baby Jack's baptism blankie this morning. Here's my kitchen picture today.... HRH helped paint. She was so proud, when anyone comes over, she has to show them the wall SHE painted. And of course, it's unanimous that HER wall is the best looking one in the kitchen!

So my good friend Angela had a great blog about GETTING REAL. About how sometimes moms try to give the impression that they are so together and with it and everything is June Cleaver-y in THEIR household. (My summarization, not hers, lol), and why do we do that? I'll admit right now that I tend to be WAY more patient with my girls in public. But I think it's subconscious. Also, I honestly think my girls ACT better when we're in public, b/c they love being out and about. They get bored and restless here at home, so that's when they act out the most. I always get tickled, though, when people tell me "Oh, you're so patient with them, they're so well-behaved" etc. The well-behaved comment always gets an incredulous "THEM?!?!" in my head, lol. So, for you, Angela, and you, Flo, here are some of my "real me" examples. Will you still want to be my friends? :X

~My house is NEVER clean. I mean never. Well, the day before my mother comes to visit, I frantically run around and clean it up to where *I think it's spotless, and I'm sure she still comes in and wonders how I raise my children in this mess, lol!

~I honestly don't CARE that my house is not spotless. Dust and dirt bother me, but clutter rarely does. It bothers Prince Charming, though, so I make an effort to try to clean for him. Especially when I have to put all of my receipts into Quicken :X

~I say I'd rather be playing with my kids than spend my time cleaning, but let's be real, I'm just a little lazy sometimes. And I'll cop to using the fact that I haven't had more than 5 hours straight sleep in over 4 years to help cover that. It usually works.

~I still nurse my 2 year old daughter for a number of reasons. It's better for her health, better for mine, etc., etc. But the top reason is that I just don't want to take the time to wean her. I'm trying a little now, but my heart's just not in it.

~I use cloth diapers for the girls (well, not HRH anymore, obviously), but since Christmas, I just haven't wanted to deal with the laundry, so she's in sposies. I should feel guilty about this, for the environment, but I don't.

~I don't read to my girls as much as I should. I try, but I can't get them to sit still when I have time.

~I haven't cooked supper for my family in over a week. We're doing the kitchen, but I'm sure I could have found a way to do it. I just don't want to. I'm in a funk about it.

~I have a list of sewing projects a mile long that I say I'm going to do. I swear, by the time I finish them, the girls will be in college. Doesn't stop me from buying fabric, though. (Ang, Emerie's nap mat cover will be made ASAP, though, lol.)

~I let my girls choose their own outfits on days HRH doesn't go to school sometimes. So, we have gone to pick up wings with them in full-on princess gear, or the Hurricane dressed in her sister's swimsuit and a grass skirt and princess heels with a feather boa and my sunglasses. And I thought she looked darn cute!

~Laundry usually gets folded when Prince Charming gets sick of it sitting in the baskets :X and I usually wait to do laundry until we're all out of underwear, so I have a day of doing literally twelve or so loads.

~I have absolutely NO head for finances :X My sweetie pays bills and tells me "You have $________ for the rest of the pay period". Lord love the man. And he never cares what I spend it on, as long as I stay in between the lines ;)

I could go on for days and days, but I won't bore you. However, if you ever want to feel really good about your own housekeeping and organizational skills, feel free to pop over for a cup of tea any time :)



A is for Angela said...

Love it, Juli!

And, of course, I will still be your friend. Always.....

Regi S. said...

Congratulations Godmom :) You are so Catholic now, we'll be hearing confessions Monday at noon :)
Clutter is my life !