Sunday, September 7, 2008

Random Sunday

I got featured on Good Mom/Bad Mom's BS Sunday again! Yay me! Thanks, Jenny and Mindy! You gals rock! :)

I read a LOT of blogs, and see so many neat pictures of people's daily activities. They'll talk about a Saturday evening spent in their backyard watching their children playing, etc., and it will show a view of a picnic table worthy of Martha Stewart. I wonder if people really LIVE like this? People with small children, that is. Here's what MY Saturday night in the yard watching the kids play looks like:
Ahem.... take note, if you will. Extension cord left for children who don't listen when I tell them not to run to learn a valuable life lesson :X, naked baby doll who has been abandoned by her fickle two year old mother, playhut balls all over (not showing the ones in the road that we leave for people driving down our street to dodge, we do this as a public service to amuse them.), the thing that looks like a fuzzy pink spider halfway down the middle of the left side of the picture is actually HRH's hair accessory choice of the day (it's a flip flop clip, she LOVES them), lovely half-painted/half-chipped toenails on yours truly, and what you can't see is my dear daughter who decided to jump "nakey bo" meaning that she didn't feel the need to put her pants back on after going potty 5 minutes before this. She had on panties, though. And a shirt. We're not HEATHENS! Oh, and this is our FRONT yard, not the back. Way to drive up the property value, no? Bet the people on the end of our street who are selling LOVE us :X

I haven't exercised since Friday. Was that Friday when I faced the evil elliptical machine? I think it was. Anyway, I haven't had a chance since then. Come on, people.... who DIDN'T see this one coming?

And as a final note, I just have to say I love my friend Dianne. There aren't many people who would laugh at me saying I'd show up at her house if she died suddenly and tragically with a UHaul to steal fabric before her extended family got there. :X But, hey, I also offered to get rid of anything she needed me to before kids and parents got there! That balances things nicely, right? Right?


SuperMom said...

your last post was do I get featured on GM/BM?

CA Girl in 10-OC said...

That's what friends are for! To cut down on the fabric fights amongst the sisters-in-law!!