Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Eek!! Ack!! IKE!!!!!!!!!!!

So judging from the increasingly frantic phone calls by my sister (not Lara, another non-blogging one), and a few "concerned" calls from my mom, it seems that Hurricane Ike might be heading our way. If I was able to watch anything on the television besides Noggin or Disney, I might know this. and if I spent my online time reading news rather than emailing and checking blogs and Perez Hilton (I know, I know, but I can't help it), I might also know it. I really haven't been THAT worried about it. However, Houston ISD is canceling things right and left starting Friday morning, and Brazoria county seems to be evacuating now, so maybe I should start thinking about things.

Prince Charming volunteered to reposition airplanes if they need him to, and if he does that, the girls and I will hitch a ride. But if he doesn't, we're staying here I guess. So, tomorrow, I guess I'm off to the store for necessities. Should be fun (NOT). I sat in line this evening to fill my gas tank. Ugh. So far, I'm planning on grabbing stuff like water, beef jerky, peanut butter, snacks for the princesses, baby wipes, paper plates, matches, can soup/pasta, etc. Any ideas?

Holy crap I just googled:

The thought occurs to me that maybe this would classify as a good excuse to not exercise tomorrow? I wonder what LTG would think.


beki said...

Good luck - hurricanes SUCK! I'll be thinking about you.

Lara said...

Suggestions: batteries for flashlights, canned goods, extra candles, diapers, powdered milk, bottles of juice (these last kid-friendly items suggested by Jill, of course, as I have no children). Dog food. Poor Pipey.

Eternal Sunshine said...

I would need a lot of Doritos.

And Dr Pepper.

But that's just me. I'm all about being practical.

I'm thinking if you go ahead and work out, that might buy you brownie points for when you REALLY need to get out of it. You can say "But remember that time I came in IN A HURRICANE?? Cut me some slack!"

I'd probably bail on it anyway, though.

just1gal said...

Good luck and stay safe. My little list...
a corded phone if you only have cordless or cell phones--Electricity goes out cordless won't work and the cell towers could get damaged.
extra cash in case all the electricity goes out and you can't use your debit or atm
generator to keep your food in the fridge cold.

I hope you won't need any of these items.