Friday, September 5, 2008

Confessions of a LAZY person

Those of you who know me well are fully aware of my extreme aversion to exercise (I'd probably rather just not eat). I've gone through phases of my life where I occasionally exercise, and it doesn't KILL me, but I'm just not a fan, let's say. Prince Charming, on the other hand, is a supreme exerciser. He bikes, swims, runs, etc. He says it's so he can eat what I cook and not gain a thousand pounds (I do NOT cook low-fat, lol). He enjoys it, though. He trains to do the BP MS150, a 180+ mile bicycle ride to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis. (Why they don't call it the BP MS182 is beyond me. It SOUNDS more impressive, no? I certainly wouldn't shave any miles off of it, I'd want credit for every single inch. I should start calling the walk from my room to the kitchen the JB MM80 feet... or however long it is, I'm not a great judge. Wonder if people would pledge money to fund my M&M addiction?)

Anyway, I digress. Prince Charming managed to catch me in a moment of weakness and "what the heck am I going to DO with my time while the girls are in preschool" to convince me to join the YMCA so we can go work out together. While doing the facility tour, I drew some amused looks from the tour-giver when she was all excited about showing me the "cardio room" (or as it looked to me the "torture chamber with brightly colored blow up balls and catchy pop music playing". PC told me those are called exercise balls. I always called them dodgeballs.) and I told her "I'm just here for the yoga". I could do yoga, right? It's stretching and stuff. Looks peaceful. Cute pants. No shoes. Lara says I have good balance, I can do some freaky windy tree pose she showed me and balance for longer than she thought I would be able to. That's an accomplishment when you've got these freakishly long limbs, too!!

After we signed up, they offered us this thing where a personal trainer will go around with you and show you how to use all of the equipment like elliptical trainers, stretchy machines, pushy weight thingies, dodgeballs, etc. Stop laughing, Lara. For 12 weeks, they'll keep in touch with you and "check on your progress". Prince Charming signed me up. I have a feeling I'm going to be my trainer's favorite person EVER (NOT!). I'll keep you posted.

So now he's all "When are we going to work out? Let's go exercise! Come on!! FEEL THE BURN!!!! WORK IT WORK IT WORK IT!!!" (he's a little crazy, but he sure is nice to look at, so I'll overlook it). My exercise project for today? Go buy some shoes to exercise in. Seriously. I don't own a single pair of sneakers. Well, I have some cute blue ones, but they're totally just cute to look at and would be mad at me if I sweat in them.

I will report in tomorrow on the great shoe hunt.


KarenFarner said...

I'm lazy too, so I completely understand!!! :) Try Academy first on the shoe hunt!!

*~~*Inger*~~* said...

::::Another lazy mom raising her hand:::: I AM going to start walking again. I swear it. As soon as I buy shoes. I promise. A gym membership, or even a Y membership (it ain't cheap here) would be so wasted on me. I need free stuff, because I know I'll stop going eventually. lol

CA Girl in 10-OC said...

One day I'm going to do more than breath and lift diet coke to my lips. But for now I'm content with how I roll. Good luck!!

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Featured on Good Mom/Bad Mom on the Houston Chronicle online:

Miss Julie said...

I cordially invite you to become an honorary member of Chubby Mommy Running Club, where we "Try Not Cry" and go for Pub Walks, and have emergency Cupcake meetings as often as possible. I'm serious, since I'm a yoga dropout, myself.

Love your blog! I found you through bloggess.

Rhea said...

I hope you found some good shoes, because it's all about the footwear. Totally.

Lara said...

I'm sorry. I know you told me to quit laughing, but I just CAN'T!!!

P.S. Yoga is a lot easier when you have muscles.