Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pieced and quilted!

I got it pieced all last night. It went SO fast! Of course, it helps that the whole thing is only 36 inches square, lol!

Even got the baby's monogram on the bottom corner :*)

Then I got it quilted this evening, while the girls were having catch up play time with Daddy :)

The lines aren't PERFECT, but I figure she'll know for sure it was a handmade gift LOL!

I was telling some friends that a part of me really, really, really wants to try to make bias tape with the pink polka dot material and use it for the binding. And then another part of me is screaming at that part to shut the heck up and buy some white cotton bias tape, LOL!!! I'm going to do some Googling tonight when HRH falls asleep and see how hard it looks. We'll see! Stay tuned, I know you're waiting with baited breath!! ;)

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Lara said...

That is SO cute! When are you going to email me beach pics?