Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fire! Fire! Think fast!

So, MommyTime over at Mommy's Martini asked in a post, "what would you save if you had to run out of your burning house"? This assumes that all humans and pets and computers are safe. I've been meaning to post about this, as it takes me for-freaking-EVER to get anything done around here (even thinking), I'd probably be a big pile of ashes by the time I finished deciding, so kudos to MommyTime, you just may have saved my hide! ;) Having pondered this for a few days, as I haven't had much computer time lately due to our sudden devotion to "stay-cations" at Papi and TiTi's lakehouse, lol..... I think almost everything in my house is replaceable. I have some paintings that my great-grandmother painted, three so far (I'm hoping to score more once I move into a bigger house, lol). I also have this absolutely super cool quilt that she made:

Please excuse the laundry on the floor :X (don't tell Prince Charming, it's a pet peeve of his and I generally try to keep it under control when he's not on a trip). And there seems to be a fuzzy spot. Huge orb? Anyway, you get the picture. It's gorgeous. :*) It IS, however, fairly secure in its attachment to the wall. The hanger on the top is bolted to the wall, the quilt is sandwiched in there and then the sides and bottom are nailed to the wall. (HRH and a rather wild game of peekaboo, long story)

So the rest of my "stuff" is pretty much replaceable. I mean, I'd be sad to lose the gowns the girls wore home from the hospital, and my wedding gown and all, but I'm not so sentimentally attached to those things that I'd run BACK INTO a burning house for them. My wedding pics? Momma has copies. My wedding video? Mom and inlaws both have copies. Birth certificates and passports are already in a fire-safe box, so if those are lost, I'd be smelling a lawsuit in with all of the soot.

The only other things I'd even think about grabbing are OneBaby and Bubba Baby. The world's most well-loved Madame Alexander Huggums dolls. OneBaby is HRH's. She also has a TwoBaby. She was very creative with her names. She's branched out a bit, as she now has Barry the Bear (a tribute to Hannah Montana's bear) and Tilly the Turtle as bedmates along with OneBaby and TwoBaby. Bubba Baby is the Hurricane's. When she was about one, she started calling her Huggums "bubba", which cracked me up, so I encouraged it. Well, Bubba got lost or stolen, we're not sure which, during her overnight stay at Texas Children's Hospital in October (double superinfected and abx-resistant chalazion). After explaining to Prince Charming the importance of her HAVING a Bubba, (the $40 price tag gave him pause), I quickly ordered a replacement, as they are practically IMPOSSIBLE to find in real life (they are the "pink check" huggums dolls, FYI). So, when NEW Bubba gets here, we were surprised to see that she could tell it wasn't her real Bubba. That's when she began calling it Bubba Baby. Bubba Baby has since lost her pink check outfit, I'm 85% sure it happened during the Hurricane's "nakey nakey bo bo" phase, where she insisted on being "nakey bo" as often as possible and trying to recruit other nakeys, too. I'm sure it's somewhere here in the explosion of a playroom, we'll probably find it when we move. But for now, Bubba Baby is nakey nakey bo bo.


Regi S. said...

I faced this one once, when my apartment building's "twin sister" was burning down we were told ours could possibly catch fire. So I piled up photos, photos and more photos just in case ! Absolutely nothing else really mattered. I guess I was really saving memories. Another time during a building evacuation I waited until my husband went out with our son, went back in and tried to get the cat. I would've burned to death in an actual fire trying to save that ungrateful animal.

CA Girl in 10-OC said...

Having BTDT too, the first time we had 24 hours evacuation notice and so I had some boxes of old photos, my journals, baby books, CPU's, our financial/insurance paperwork and the antique baby cradle that came across the west in a covered wagon about 160 years ago. The next time I had to evacuate the house WAS on fire and the police would not let me back in the house, sadly all I had that day was my daughter, our jackets, my purse and the dog. Everything else, including the cats were left in the house. Fortunately the house did not burn totally down and almost everything was salvagable, but when it came right down to it, as long as my family was safe I didn't really give a crap about anything in that house, including the house.