Monday, July 14, 2008

big fat reminder than time goes FORWARD!

I love my girls. I love the age they're at right now, no matter WHAT I tell you in a sleep-deprived grump some days. They are so much fun, they're so deliciously girly(all painted toenails and sparkly body powder and bows and glitter), so sweet and little and yet I can see the girls they're going to mature into one day. Then once in a while, something comes along and smacks me in the face and reminds me that they're growing up ENTIRELY too fast for my liking. I am one of those dorky moms who is SAD the first day of school. When they're not with me, I feel like I'm a little lost, I'm not quite sure what to do with myself for the first few moments (then I taste the sweet freedom of shopping ALONE and not sharing my Frappuccino!!!!!). When HRH started Mother's Day Out (two days a week, from 9 until 2:30) after she turned 2, I cried the night before her first day. I even went so far as to tell Prince Charming I had changed my mind and she wasn't going to go because she "really didn't need to". He ever so kindly pointed out that I'm her mommy, and I probably know best, but she was AWFULLY excited about "school" and HE was not going to be the one to tell her she couldn't go. Coward! Me, too, evidently, so I bucked up and prepared for the tears I just knew she'd shed as I prepared to leave my baby for the first time with someone who wasn't me, Prince Charming, or her grandparent. Imagine my surprise when she pranced right into her classroom, waved over her shoulder, and shouted "see you after nap, Mommy!". !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to beg her to come back and give me a hug, lol!!

Anywho, the Hurricane is starting MDO this year. Same as HRH did, two days a week. A good friend will be working the main desk there, so I feel comforted knowing that. (And I'm hoping she'll run interference as often as she can when we have discipline issues.... not that I'm expecting THAT. Nope, not with MY child. Never. She's going to be a model student, I'm sure :X). HRH is going either three or four days, we're still waiting to hear what the teacher I really really REALLY want has decided to teach. So I picked up their registration packets last week, and in it were their supply lists. Standard stuff, tissues, nap mat for 2 yr old class (no naps in pre-K!), etc. Then I see pencils listed on HRH's list. PENCILS!!!! My baby isn't old enough to use pencils! She's a baby! Do they not KNOW this?!?!?! I teared up thinking that my BABY is going to be using pencils to learn how to WRITE this year. How is this possible? I feel like she's supposed to be tottering around here, barely able to balance herself. Time flies entirely too fast. I keep bugging Prince Charming to figure out some way to slow this all down for my mental health. He tries to tell me that it's just not possible, but I've seen his diploma! It says right there under "Texas A&M University"... "Aerospace Engineering". Rocket scientist my left foot. HMPH. What good is that degree if he can't help ME when I need it!??!!?!?


Regi S. said...

We're all sad the first day of school, luck will have it though, it's a short lived depression :D What are you going to DO with those girls in school !?

Lara said...

I've told you a zillion times the perfect solution to this dilemma: HAVE ANOTHER ONE! C'mon! You're really good at making pretty babies. You should do it more often.

CA Girl in 10-OC said...

Awwww!! My kids are so big now that when I see them as a group I think that I am missing someone! Where is the baby??? Um. She's 4 now! LOL