Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A little help, please

So, I've been trying to figure out which is easier....

A) Trying to convince the Hurricane that she NEEDS a diaper as opposed to "juss pannies" because she obviously does NOT understand her body's signals yet when it's peepee time. (this can take upwards of 45 minutes out of every hour. I kid you not. The kid has staying power in her debates. I say it's the Hispanic in her, Prince Charming claims it's the German.)


B) Just following her around with a spray bottle of vinegar water and roll of paper towels and making her go sit on the potty every 5 minutes. (to which she replies "NO, Mommy. I not need go peepee. My belly no have peepee in it. I just drop a cookie". "drop a cookie" is our family's way of saying "pass gas". MUCH more appealing than hearing "MOMMY, I TOOTED!" hollered across Target or Chili's. :X)

Besides, she's so teeny tiny and looks SO freaking adorable in her little Dora panties. :*)


Lara said...

LMAO! That kid is so cute.

*~~*Inger*~~* said...

Hee hee!!

Once I was in the grocery store and a little boy waiting in line near us tooted, pretty loudly, and he shouts to his mom "Mommy!! Mommy!! I farted, did you hear? Did you hear?" Her answer was something like "I'm pretty sure everybody heard." LOL

A is for Angela said...

Can you put the panties OVER the diaper. Would that be a good compromise for Miss Hurricane?

Juli said...

Once in a while, if I distract her with Cinderella gummies or a Sonic slushie, I can slip a dipe on under the panties, I have to get it on REALLY fast, though, which usually results in the world's biggest wedgie on a 2 yr old tiny hiney, which usually means leakage and why the heck bother then? LOL!!!!!