Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Baby quilt ::::::::sighs::::::::

There is something so stinking sweet about baby quilts. I haven't made one in AGES b/c I don't know how to quilt on my machine, I've always done it all by hand, and I CERTAINLY don't have time to quilt by hand with the lovebugs around, LOL! HRH's teacher from preschool last year is expecting a baby girl any day now, so I'm plunging in to machine quilting. I absolutely LOVE Beki's quilt on the top of her page, and it was the inspiration for the layout of this. I used a bunch of my extra scraps from the dresses and skirts the girls have been wearing all spring and summer and some deliciously soft quilter's cotton for the white. I'm going to back it in the same white and I'm still not sure what I'll bind it with.

But anyway, I've got it all cut out and ready to piece, I'm going to work on that tonight. I'm so excited, lol.

I think it's going to be really sweet. :)


MommyTime said...

really lovely colors and fabrics -- have fun with this project! I know how much fun it can be to make a baby quilt.

beki said...

It looks great!