Thursday, September 8, 2011


And better than ever! (always wanted to say that). I bring surprises, if you don't know me. Meet Big Ben :

Isn't he scrumptious? Don't you want to just eat him up? We call him Big Ben because he's my mongo baby. I'm so original. We should have called me "Big Mama" when I was pregnant....
but then I might have thrown something at your head and blamed it on hormones.

Life is fabulous. HRH is in the SECOND grade (Mommy cries a little), the Hurricane is in kindergarten (Mommy cries a LOT) and Big Ben is 10 months old (inconsolable). We finally moved into our dream house about four months ago and I'm still unpacking. Don't judge me. I have babies. I'll get it all unpacked and organized when they go to college. For right now, THIS is more important :

Anywho.... I have discovered Pinterest. Consider yourself warned. This is probably going to turn into a 99% crafting/cooking blog, b/c I don't have time to sew anymore. I don't even know where my embroidery machine is :::::shocking gasp::::::. I'm working on a project or two.... will post soon. :) Hope there's still one or two of you out there who care!

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