Friday, September 9, 2011

Have to brag

It's Friday. On Fridays after school, we try to do something fun, which is USUALLY a trip to Tutti Frutti. However, HRH is still adjusting to the demands on her body and psyche of starting back to school, which means she is also seriously testing the limits of Mommy's patience. Therefore, today, I was less than inclined to sit in "get out of Houston for the weekend" traffic on I-45 coming home from Conroe, and more inclined to try something a little closer to home. We hit the local BBQ joint for Marble Slab ice cream sandwiches (yum!). Little did we know that, due to the wildfires, our local high school football game had been moved from "away" to "home" and we dropped right into a pep rally! We walked in and the girls are "ooooooooooooh, there are CHEERLEADERS here!!!!!" Big Ben's oblivious, as he was trying VERY hard to stick both hands down my v neck shirt right then. We get ice cream, sit down, and one of the GORG cheerleaders comes over and asks the girls if they want their faces painted. Well, DUH.
Then after that, the cheerleaders (who have these FAB huge bows with glitter stripes running down the middle of them that the girls were DYING over so if you know where I can find them, let me know, K?) started warming up and doing some little chants. At this point, the girls were SO focused on them that ice cream was dripping down arms and I didn't even care b/c they looked so cute. And THEN Ben noticed them. The sweet little sweetums was literally staring at these girls with drool running out of his mouth, LOL! (Teething, we'll say). HOW FUN IS THIS!?!?!?!? I love small town living.

We stayed for a couple of cheers, then had to run home b/c Ben was about three shades beyond ready for a little nap. On our way out, the girls saw a sign that said "fire donations here". They asked about it. I told them that I had already gone and donated a couple of times, mainly water from Sam's (did you know that you can get a 32 pack of water for less than $4? That's $20 for 5 HUGE things of water, people.... jump on it and go donate it). As we had already talked about the fires this morning due to all of the smoke around, they are pretty up on what's happening. But what they DIDN'T realize is that there are people out there who have lost everything. Their houses burned down and they don't have anything left. The Hurricane's eyes welled up when she said "even KIDS?!?!?!". And here's where we get to my brag. They are upstairs of their own accord in the playroom, packing a bag or two of toys to take to drop off for kids who have lost everything. We're hitting their closet later, b/c they have so many clothes that it's sinful, and before we drop off at Zach's we'll go to the store and grab a few more things. Here's what my princesses are doing right now :
Again.... don't judge me. It's a PLAYROOM. They PLAY in it and I don't even go up there to look at it. Those playrooms that are totally organized with a place for everything and everything in its place kind of creep me out. What kind of playing goes on in those? Not OUR kind of playing, I'll tell you. We play, we mess, we destroy, but we also GIVE. SO proud of my beautiful (inside AND out) girls :*)

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